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Yes, you could use an editor.
  • Are you avoiding writing projects that need to be done? Do you know what you want to say but not how to write it?
  • Have you written something you'd like to publish? Does it need that extra polish to make it shine like the sun? Did you submit work that has been rejected and they recommended you edit and try again?
  • Have you tried to finish that story, memoire, training manual, business plan, brochure, or article that just seems to drift off without focus?
  • Are you a publisher who needs keen, cooperative eyes in your pool of proofers?

I take a direct, positive approach to ghostwriting, beta reading, developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. I find it very important to take the time to understand  your needs and expectations at the beginning of the project, revisiting those needs and expectations all along the way. I like to make sure mistakes are eliminated and that your finished product has integrity.

Contact me at:
email - corinnacopy@outlook.com
phone - 406-390-3176
mail - 3031 Grand Ave, Ste 100-131, Billings, MT  59102

Please provide a complete description of your project in order to get a realistic estimate of fees and schedule. What are you looking for help with? Where are you with the work in the writing process? When does it need to be done? How many pages/words/articles/items? What is your budget? Are there style guides to follow? What are the publishing requirements? Are there other important aspects I should consider? What is your core goal? I look forward to learning more about your project!

Your request for an estimate or for more information will receive a response within one business day. I may request additional information in additional emails/phone calls. I will be under no obligation to perform writing and editorial services without a signed contract.

Thanks for being in touch!


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