Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ahhhh...A Brand New Year

The holidays were restful for me.  I took a break from delving into the world of editing, looked at some other opportunities that presented themselves, and have a new calendar to fill.

Some folks make resolutions this time of year.  I find it feels more like setting down old baggage, like cleaning up, than beginning something new or going back to some old devotion.  The old devotions pick up a lot of schmutz sometimes in the course of life.  This year I've washed off the schmutz, those ideas that collect over time and mess up the core of my goals.  The challenge is to avoid picking up the old crap and to keep things cleaner farther into the year.

I think my whole theme now is balance.  It's not automatic that today's projects are in clear focus alongside needs connected with my family and my friends.  It takes a bit of refreshment each day to keep that in balance, a bit of this New Year thinking.  It's like a little recipe - a pinch of looking back, a dash of looking ahead, mixed into a large bowl of everyday mundane.  Spice with imagination and creativity, marinate in love, and serve with smile garnish.  Eat with your hands, use the fine china once in a while, and don't avoid the occasional food fight.  Life is messy, clean it up.  Repeat.

Soon I will make a rate guide available from this blog.  It will help me outline the ways I may be able to help you, and I hope it will encourage you to contact me if you are considering reaching out for help with a writing project.  Just think - you could become part of my theme!

Happy New Year!

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